Monday, August 4, 2014

Comments on Life - Aug. 2014

We are selling our estate here in gilman, WV.  We have a buyer and a contract but it has contingencies.  So, we are anxious about the sale.  We won't know if it is going through until some time after September.

We have tons of things to do in preparation for the sale.  We have to dispose of junk that has piled up over the years.  We have to get rid of furniture.  We have to fix things up like the road ditch and the septic tank.  And on an on.....

The temptation is to plan on how to spend the money from the sale before we complete the sale.  We've already bought several new houses in Florida and in West Virginia.  We've talked about new cars which actually makes a lot of sense since the cars we have now are getting pretty old.  We are remodeling our Aliner.  We talk of buying a boat or two (a sailboat and/or a motor boat) or joining a boating club.   Jeez, we haven't got the money yet but it is already spent.

Today we will plan a few tasks.   I need to cut some grass, crush empty boxes for the garbage and get rid of a bunch of music tapes/cds.  Then I need to practice finger picking the banjo and review some tunes on the fiddle.  Tonight is Fiddle Support Group night on Halliehurst porch at 7PM.  Big music night.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Fiddle Crabs Band Status - 2013/2014 

Howdy Folks!  So, a new winter season is starting up down south here in dear old Charlotte Harbor, Punta Gorda and Matlacha for the Fiddle Crabs!  For all of our old friends and any new-to-meet friends, I want to tell you a little about our band.  

We play traditional american music!  Ya!  Most if not all of our songs are out of date and not commercially viable.  That is to say, they are old-time.  They come from a bygone period of american music at the dawn of the rise mass communication.  Most folks have forgotten all about 19th century and early twentieth century music genres such as traditional appalachian fiddle tunes, civil war parlor music, tin pan alley swing tunes, jug band music, country string band music and such but we haven't.  

The Fiddle Crabs present this music in a laid back informal kind of casual style that matches the kind of places in which we like to perform.  We are a four piece band with Birdi on mandolin, Jive on clawhammer banjo, banjo-uke and harmonica, Mary playing fiddle and our eclectic guitar player Geo.  We all sing but Geo and Birdi do most of the lead.

Right now we are happily playing two venues:  the Olde Fish Market in Matalcha on Wednesday 12:30-3:00PM and the Punta Gorda Historical Society Farmer's Market the second Sunday of each month.  Come out and see us.

For our latest YouTube video click on the link below.

Friday, October 23, 2009

In the Beginning

In the beginning, I'll just mention my interests. Perhaps if I like this blog stuff I'll expand on those interests. I'm interested in a quality family life where everyone is treated with respect and everyone is encouraged to do what makes them happy. I'm interested in enjoying my time on earth as much as possible without hurting anyone else. I'm interested in music. I'm interested in exercise. I'm interested in cooking and eating quality food. I'm interested in learning and do things with what I learn. I'm interested in learning to play the fiddle, the guitar, and the banjo. I'm interested in singing in harmony but my voice is about gone, oh well. I'm interested in hiking, biking, birding and hunting deer. I'm interested in living in West Virginia most of the year and living in Florida the rest of the time.

So, this is a start.

Elkins Fiddler