Sunday, September 15, 2013

Fiddle Crabs Band Status - 2013/2014 

Howdy Folks!  So, a new winter season is starting up down south here in dear old Charlotte Harbor, Punta Gorda and Matlacha for the Fiddle Crabs!  For all of our old friends and any new-to-meet friends, I want to tell you a little about our band.  

We play traditional american music!  Ya!  Most if not all of our songs are out of date and not commercially viable.  That is to say, they are old-time.  They come from a bygone period of american music at the dawn of the rise mass communication.  Most folks have forgotten all about 19th century and early twentieth century music genres such as traditional appalachian fiddle tunes, civil war parlor music, tin pan alley swing tunes, jug band music, country string band music and such but we haven't.  

The Fiddle Crabs present this music in a laid back informal kind of casual style that matches the kind of places in which we like to perform.  We are a four piece band with Birdi on mandolin, Jive on clawhammer banjo, banjo-uke and harmonica, Mary playing fiddle and our eclectic guitar player Geo.  We all sing but Geo and Birdi do most of the lead.

Right now we are happily playing two venues:  the Olde Fish Market in Matalcha on Wednesday 12:30-3:00PM and the Punta Gorda Historical Society Farmer's Market the second Sunday of each month.  Come out and see us.

For our latest YouTube video click on the link below.

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